The Management Team

A personal message from Stephen (The Director)

Stephen is the Director and is the third generation of the family to work in the business.

He joined the company after leaving school and has never looked back. Stephen gets involved in all areas of the business, but specialises in buying and selling all things techy! Apart from jewellery and design, Stephen loves playing music, travel and food. Stephen is married with 3 kids.

Clive is our Sales Director.

He has been with the company for over 15 years and has brought his previous experience in sales and an engineering background to Alexander Thurlow Co. Married with 2 children, Clive also finds time for his hobbies of ski-ing, music and motorbikes.

A Brief History Of The Company –  A Tale  Of Three Men.


Alexander Thurlow Senior

The company was initially set up by Alexander Thurlow.  He was aged 28. He had previously been an agent for a German company who imported fashion jewellery from what was then Czechoslovakia. With the outbreak of WW2 it became impossible to import the goods so Alex decided to set up on his own buying from British manufacturers.

His first office was in the City of London and he remained there until 1960.

In 1950, Alex, his son, started in the business.


Alexander Thurlow

Alex initially started in the business, aged 16 and spent one year there before studying at a business school in Switzerland. Following his return from abroad Alex did two years of National Service before joining the business, for good, in 1950.

Alex and his father moved the business to Cowcross Street, London in 1960 and remained there for 30 years.

In 1979, Stephen Alexander, his son, joined the business.


Stephen Alexander Thurlow

Stephen joined the business in 1979, aged 17.
He went straight from school and has been there ever since.
In 1990 the business was moved to Ernest Avenue in London and it remains there today.
The business has evolved over the decades with customers, suppliers and buyers always changing.
One of the biggest changes in recent years has been the technical revolution. A website was created in 2001 and social media started in 2014.
It remains to be seen who takes over the business.
Stephen has 3 daughters!!

Long Established British Family Business Est. 1949